Breast Cyst Pain – How to Overcome - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment

Breast Cyst Pain – How to Overcome

 Breast Cyst Pain – How to Overcome

Breast cysts are a very common thing that is found in more than half of the women. It’s so common that these days the doctors have stopped terming it as a disease.

 The main reason for them to be formed is because of the excess estrogen in your body, few connecting tissues at the breast lump grow in an imbalanced number. So this causes a block in the lactation storage, that’s when the milk starts getting stored in the milking cells itself and form cysts. They are the cysts, which are filled with fluids.

They are usually not very painful and not harmful as well. But surely they create discomfort and uneasiness in women when they are formed in a larger size and firm in nature. 

This is when it impacts the overall behavior of women where they turn out to be irritated and moody because of the pain. Many of the women do not understand this until it turns out to be a cancer.

How the pain can be avoided?

There can be more than one cysts formed in breasts as well. Usually when women turn 30-40 the hormonal imbalance starts and this is when the estrogen also increases in one’s body. This results in the Cysts being formed. Usually when the pain is more the Cysts are observed through the image tests which are mammography and ultra sound, then the liquid stored in the lumps or cysts can be drained out.

When the cysts are enlarged and swollen, that in turn makes the breast look heavy. The increased breast lump is extremely painful too. All this happens especially during the menstrual and that is the key symptom for one to understand that the pain is caused by the cysts. Sore and swollen breasts, being even more soft during the menstrual, if these are not observed carefully it will be difficult for women to understand why she is feeling uneasy when her breast is touched.

Many women complain that they feel very uneasy and uncomfortable during menstrual. Their moods change and the irritation increases etc. Suffering from Cysts could be one of the reasons probably which you haven’t observed. There are many people even say that the breast pain during the menstrual is common. But the fact is that if it is because of the Cysts then you do not have to carry the pain all along.

When you observe that the pain significantly decreases after menstrual, you can check with the doctor and go for a test through ultra sound or a mammography. This will confirm if the core reason for the pain is Cysts. This is when they can drain all the liquids stored in the cysts, thereby reliving you from the pain.

Is there Prevention?

Yes, as they said prevention is always better than cure. A proper nutritious and balanced meal can avoid a lot of hormonal imbalances in a woman. We all know after Thirties we tend to undergo few huge changes in terms of biological system inside. This is when a women needs to be utmost strengthened so that the hormonal imbalance is minimal. When there is no hormonal imbalance there cannot be any cysts formed and this would eliminate major part of the discomfort during menstrual.

Myths and stories?

Many myths are spread among people that one Cyst found then the cancer already began in the body. Not really, a simple single cyst can not cause any cancer. But if the pain is more it surely needs attention. If you find that the Cysts are more in number then yes, surely it needs an immediate treatment for a hormonal therapy.