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Breast Cyst Causes

 Breast Cyst Causes

The breast cysts are sacs which are fluid filled and located in the breast. They can be many in number. Though the texture of them feels soft, they are painful at times. There is another form of these cysts where they are a bit firm. When they are firm the pain becomes more. The pain is more especially during menstrual time. These are harmless in long run. But, create a lot of discomfort.

What causes these Breast cysts and what is the impact?

Each of female breasts have glandular tissues which are of for about 15-20 lobes. These petal shaped tissues are further spread into even more small lobes which are producing milk during the pregnancy and post pregnancy, when lactation happens. These small ducts create storage of milk right beneath the nipple. There is a supporting layer which holds this entire network. This layer is of connective tissue and that is called as stroma.

When these connective tissues grow more, and try to block the milk ducts, this result in a scenario where the milk ducts are dilated and get filled with milk. This is where the cysts form. There are two varieties basing on the size and content. These are, as explained not of harm in long run but create a big discomfort during feeding and especially, during menstrual cycle. Many women complain the discomfort being more during the time of the sexual intercourse as well. This pain may reduce after menopause.

How do they appear?

There are 2 forms f breast cysts. This is basing on its size and softness. One is called Micro cysts which are small in size and soft felt. They may not be felt by touch due to their small size, but can surely appear during imaging tests. These imaging tests can be an ultra sound or mammography. The second type is the Macro cysts, where the cysts are formed in a larger size, they may grow as 1 or 2 inches. These are firm and can be appreciated by touch itself. What happens with the macro cysts is that since they are big and firm, they tend to create pressure on the other tissues of breast in near area and therefore create a pain. Sometimes this may be mistaken as a breast pain but if you are able to feel the lump formed, then this is the breast cyst.

There are studies which revealed that the estrogen being in excess quantity in a woman’s body causes these imbalances in the number of the connecting tissues. This majorly increases the number of tissues which result in blocking the lactating cells and create cysts.

How to identify the breast cysts?

When the breast is touched, few symptoms can be seen like a soft, lump which is fluid filled and feels like a grape when touched. Severe breast pain and softness, size of the breast these increases near the breast lump during the menstrual period. You can clearly appreciate the size of breast lump being decreasing and the pain coming down after the menstrual period is over. So this is when you must understand that this could be a breast cyst and ask for an imaging test. Upon visiting a doctor they would suggest a mammography or any other ultrasound.

Other than these symptoms, usually a healthy woman might find her breast lump size in a grown and complete shape. This is when you should observe if there are any new lumps formed, do they pain when touched, or is there any existing breast lump which causes discomfort upon touching etc. This is when a doctor should be consulted regardless the continuous pain or discomfort.