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Lump Under Armpit

What is Lump Under Armpit ?

Lump Under Armpit
Lump Under Armpit

Many women who have a lump under armpits often suffer in silence and simply suppress their exasperation when they cannot find a good fitting bra each time they go looking for one. This is understandable, because bras are manufactured for certain established common dimensions, those fitting most women. There are very few bras ---if any-- made to accommodate a swelling under an armpit but not in the other.

Not all armpit lumps or bumps are reversible, because some are caused by serious health problems like carcinoma, cystic forms, hormonal imbalance or enlarged lymph nodes. Others are Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a medically, socially and psychologically serious disorder. Still others are simply infections under the skin caused by infected hair follicles, but which can also be dangerous because the infecting bacteria can get into the bloodstream and adversely affect the heart. Medical attention is quickly needed in these cases.

But there are Lump Under Armpit or bumps that are called excess breast tissue. These are caused by wearing inappropriate bras that essentially pushed part of the developing breast outside the cup and stayed there.

When the bra cups are too tight or small, the breasts basically 'overflow', lumping outside of the cups. 

When this situation persists for a long time, the fatty tissue just forms where it can, generally outside the cup and over the band, forming a lump under the armpit.

But why an armpit lump under only one arm? A woman's left and right breasts normally do not develop identical in size and form: one breast is always a bit larger or lower than the other. Often the bigger one is the left breast, but about as often it is the right one. And the same thing holds for one breast being lower than the other.

This factor, however, is not taken into consideration by the bra manufacturers, who make bras with cups of equal size. It makes manufacturing sense and thus will not change soon, so women would have to continue living with it, adopting measures to counteract any adverse effects such as armpit lumps.

If you have this armpit lump disorder, there is a solution to correct it: wear the appropriate bra.

The first thing you must do is find your correct size in band and cup. There are many sites online with instructions on how to do this, or you can have yourself professionally fitted at the nearest reputable store selling a wide range of bras. With the right bra, scoop your 'extra' breast into the cup each time you put the bra on (again there are instructions online on how to correctly put on a bra), and in time it will go to where it should belong.


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