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where are breast cancer lumps usually found

Where Are Breast Cancer Lumps Usually Found

 breast cancer lumps is the most threatening disease for women, as one out of ten women in United States of America becomes its victim. There is also a possibility that  breast cancer lumps can occur in males too and many males are unaware of it and they take the early symptoms of  breast cancer lumps as infections of the breast. There is a misconception in men that this is a women disease and it cannot strike men. The detection of the  breast cancer lumps is the basis to protect the women and men from further problems. The stage of detection includes mammography and BSE Breast Self-Examination. Whether you are a man or a woman, the early detection of  breast cancer lumps is must.
At CDC The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, you can find a NBCCEDP the National Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, the purpose of which is to provide screening services for underserved women of USA. The benefit of early detection of  breast cancer lumps is that when a  breast cancer lumps is examined through screening at the early stage, it is easier to treat it. This can increase the chances of survival of a woman with the disease. According to the doctors, early detection saves many lives each year.

where are most breast cancer lumps found

American Cancer Society has provided guidelines for early detection of  breast cancer lumps. According to the recommendations provided, the women over 40 years of age should undergo mammogram every year in order to detect it earlier. The younger women who are in their 20s and 30s should do the Breast Self Examination BSE monthly. If any change is felt in the breast, then make an immediate appointment with your health provider in order to seek further assistance regarding breast diseases. You can learn to do the BSE from health provider. If you don’t feel comfortable with the instructor, then you can learn it from a video too from Imaginis. The ultimate goal is to report the change in breast and to detect it as early as possible. Some women are at high risk of the  breast cancer lumps and they should be extremely careful about it. They should undergo an MRI and mammogram every year. The women with high risk of  breast cancer lumps include the one with gene mutation, women with a strong family history for  breast cancer lumps and women who have had radiation therapy.
The early  breast cancer lumps detection seminars are mostly held to aware the women and to explain them the importance of early detection of  breast cancer lumps. The speakers mostly belong to the department of  breast cancer lumps and are experts and health providers. Every year in October, the  breast cancer lumps Awareness Day is observed, people who mostly participate are the survivors, their relatives and friends. The Survivor Symbol which is pink in color and they wear it in the form of t-shirts, ribbons or other items on the  breast cancer lumps Awareness Day. It is our responsibility to spread awareness of  breast cancer lumps Detection around us, may be we can save one life.