Thermography - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment


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Thermography What is It : Procedure, Risks, Cost, and More

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Breast Cancer is the most threatening disease of women, as one out of ten women in United States of America becomes a victim of it. There is also a possibility that breast cancer can occur in males too and many males are unaware of it and they take the early symptoms of breast cancer as infections of the breast. There is a misconception in men that this is a women disease and it cannot strike men. The detection of the Breast Cancer is the basis to protect the women and men from further problems. There are many ways of detection and diagnosis of breast cancer that includes, Mammography, Breast Self Examination (BSE), Clinical Breast Examination (CBE), MRI and Thermography. The ways of diagnosis depends solely on age and the risk factors that are associated with the person like family history, lifestyle and personal health.

Thermography is an Infrared Imaging that is used for early detection of cancer of the breast. This technique of detection of Breast Cancer by Thermography was approved in 1982 by FDA. The images that are formed as a result of Thermography are called Thermograms. It is considered as the most sensitive way of detection as it can detect the pre-cancerous tissues. The Infrared Imaging has no difficulty in reading no matter how dense and thick the tissues of the breast are. It can detect ninety-five percent of the early stage cancers. The actual work of Thermography is to check for quantifying changes in skin surface temperature by using highly sensitive infrared cameras. You can also find out video on Breast Thermography at many sites on the web in order to see how it works.

Other Names Of Thermography

Thermography has other names too. Infrared Thermography, Infrared Radiometry or Infrared Imaging.

Thermography Training

The courses are conducted on Thermography. The courses are offered in levels at Infrared Training Center. The ITC also offers certification courses to train people for Thermography. You can also have the training at Breast Thermogrhapy.Org. The Academy Of Infrared Training Inc. is another recommended institute for learning Thermography.

Thermography is not only used in medical sciences but also in other fields. Use the modern technology of Thermography, detect your cancer at early age and save your life. One of the biggest advantages of Breast Thermography is that it can detect your breast cancer 10 years before. Assess the risk of the breast cancer through Thermography as early a possible in order to heal properly in a short period of time.
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Some Of The Recommended Sites For Thermography Information

If you are looking for information and complete details on Thermography, then some of the recommended sites include Breast Thermography.Com where you can find a lot of information on Breast Thermography, risk assessment, early diagnosis and benefits. You can find some information on Breast Thermography About.Com too. Thermography is the best screen test for breast cancer, thanks to the new technology.