Man With Breast Cancer - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment

Man With Breast Cancer

Men & Breast Cancer

The Breast Cancer is normally associated with woman but it strikes a very small percentage of males too. A very few males are aware of the fact that Breast Cancer can attack a male too.

When a male breast is compared with the female breast, the female breast has less breast tissues and so it is easier in males to detect the breast cancer.

Men mostly ignore the symptoms of Breast Cancer that arises at the early stage and take them as infections. It all happens due to the misconception that breast cancer occurs only in females.

 Another reason of the delay is that they feel embarrassed and don’t see their health provider or professional help. In the mean time, the case becomes worst due to ignorance and results in death.

The most common abnormality that occurs in men is a non cancerous benign that occurs mostly in teenagers and it happens due the changes in the hormonal balance. The most common type of Breast Cancer in men includes an Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma or IDC, the Ductal Carcinoma In Situ also called DCIS, Inflammatory Breast Cancer and Lobular Carcinoma In Situ. The types of Breast Cancer that occurs in male are almost the same as female.

The risk factors for Male Breast Cancers includes the age factor. The older the man is, the greater the chances of Breast Cancer. The family history also plays a vital role in developing a Breast Cancer as 20 % of the males with Breast Cancers have their close female relatives who have had breast Cancer.

Some other risk factors include exposure to radiation, chronic liver disease, and treatment with estrogen and gene mutation that is due to change in genes. The symptoms of Breast Cancer in males include retraction of nipples i.e. the nipple turn inward, breast lump, swelling, redness or scaling of the skin of the breasts or nipples.

There are many sites, which have pictures of men with Breast Cancer so that you can have an idea of how does it look like.

The treatments of the Breast Cancer are surgery, radiation or chemotherapy depending on the type and stage of the cancer. The most important thing is early diagnosis, which is usually easier in males, and the chances of their survival are higher too. The only reason of mortality in men due to Breast Cancer is their ignorance and careless attitude towards it.

The Breast Cancer T-Shirts for men with a Survivor Symbol on it are available at Breast Cancer Survivor’s Boutique.

The breast cancer awareness day is observed in the month of October in order to spread awareness among both men and women. The Cancer doesn’t see whether it is striking an ordinary man or a celebrity.

There are a few cases of breast cancer in men celebrities like Richard Rountree, the star of Shaff. He was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1993 and had undergone the treatments for Breast Cancer.


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