Mammography - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment


Mammography For Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer is increasingly spreading especially in the United States of America where one out of nine women is a patient of Breast Cancer. If it is detected at an early stage, it can be cured and the patient can lead a normal life. There are few ways to diagnose or screen breast cancer. The mammography is the most commonly used screening test or exam to examine the breast for abnormality.

Mammography is a special type of imaging in which a low dose x-rays system is used to examine the breast. The exam is called Mammogram and is a painless test to diagnose the breast cancer. The latest Mammography includes Digital Mammography and Computer Aided Mammography.

History Of Mammography

The early mammogram was the standard x-ray cameras on a tripod stand and was made in 1966. The next year technology took mammograms, a few steps ahead and produced better quality images with changes in the device. The more advancement took place in the mammograms in the year 1992 that made use of rhodium, which was ideal for women with dense breast tissues. The mammograms in the year 1996 were capable to perform quality exams quickly. In 1998, the digital technology came in as it was linked with computers, it enabled digital spots, magnifications views, needle and localizations.

Digital Mammography

It is also called Full Field Digital Mammography FFDM. In this mammography, the x-ray film is replaced with a solid-state detector, which converts x ray into electrical signals. These detectors are the same as the ones that are found in digital cameras. The images of the breast can be seen on the computer and can be printed too.

Computer Aided Detection CAD

In this system, the images are obtained from a conventional camera and the abnormality is detected by using computer software and helps radiologist for further analysis.

When Digital Versus Analog Mammography was compared, the Digital was found superior than the Analog Mammography.

Education And Career In Mammogram

At Mammography Education Inc., the variety of Continuing Medical Education courses is offered for the people who are interested in this field. You can also get Mammography Education Online too at Wipro GE Health Care.Com. The information about Digital Mammography Education is available at Mammoed. It is important that the technicians have a proper training, practice and continued education in order to produce quality results. You can find a lot of certified mammography facilities near you easily through web.

Architectural Distortion in Mammography is more likely to have positive margins when compared to the patients with masses or calcifications. It is seen that tumors presenting as Architectural Distortion in Mammography are significantly larger than the tumors presenting with other abnormalities. There are some women who cannot afford to go for Mammography. For such women, there are organizations and fundraisers that help such women to screen for breast cancer and also the treatment.


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