Breast Lumps - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment

Breast Lumps

 Breast Lumps

In both man and woman, the breast has normal breast tissues. These breast tissues respond to the hormonal changes and so the Breast Lumps appear and disappear in both the sexes.

There is no limit of age when it comes to breast lumps, it can occur or appear at any age and at any stage of life of a male and a female. The infants may have breast lump due to the estrogen from the mother, it vanishes on its own when the estrogen is cleared. It can happen to both girls and boys. In young girls a lump or a bud appears before or at the beginning of puberty. This tender bud appears at the age of 9 or sometimes earlier i.e. at the age of 6. The same may happen to boys too and it generally goes away on its own. In an adult woman, development of a breast lump may be a symptom of Breast Cancer. An aged woman should not ignore breast Lumps.

Causes Of Breast Lumps

The main causes of the development of Breast Lumps are fibrocystic changes, fibroadenomas and cysts. The changes can occur either in both breasts or in one and are considered as normal phenomenon. These changes do not increase the risk for breast cancer and occur during the reproductive years of a woman’s life. The fibroadenomas are rubbery, moveable and non-cancerous lumps. These mostly don’t become cancerous except for rare cases. The third cause of formation of the Breast Lumps are cysts that are fluid filled sacs and are felt like grapes. The cysts are tender to touch just before your menstrual cycle. The cysts fluid can be drained in the doctor’s office and is considered harmless breast lump if the fluid is not bloody in nature otherwise it is sent for further assessment for Breast Cancer. If the lump remains there even after the drainage, the only way left is to remove it by surgery.
There are breast lumps that move easily and are painless. These are Benign Breast Lumps but it is better to get it checked for breast cancer too if it causes suspicion in your mind. The painful lump in breast does not always mean that it is cancerous or if it is painless, it does mean that it is non cancerous. These are all misconceptions and should be cleared by thorough breast examination. One can find a lot of anatomical breast lump pictures at Nucleus Medical Art in order to understand how does it look like. The Benign Breast Lump pictures are available at

There are few ways, which can help fibrocystic changes like taking of birth control pills, avoiding caffeine and chocolates. Taking vitamin E, vitamin B complex or evening primrose oil supplement. Increase the intake of fibers and limiting the intake of fats in your diet.