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Breast Lumps Risk Factors

Breast Lumps Risk Factors

The risk factor is a chance for any person to have a specific disease. These risk factors may vary from person to person and depends on their health, the family history, living style, genes and level of awareness about a certain disease. The majority of women in the world suffers from Breast Lumps and very few know about their risk factors to Breast Lumps disease. Due to the lack of awareness, a lot of women lost their lives in the past and many would lose their life in future.

The main risk factor of Breast Lumps in women is the family history, if a woman has a history of Breast Lumps either in her mother, sister or daughter, the chances are that they are at high risk of Breast Lumps. Then comes the age, Breast Lumps does not strike at young age but if the lifestyle of a young woman is not healthy like if she does not exercise and takes high fat diet, if she smokes, or takes alcohol, then she is at high risk of Breast Lumps in early age too. The young women are at high risk of one type of Breast Lumps the IBC Inflammatory Breast Lumps in which skin of the breast is involved. This cancer starts at young age but appears at later age when the woman gets pregnant or lactate in thirties. Women of 40 plus age are at high risk of Breast Lumpss. The late pregnancies like in thirties can also be one of the factors that can aggravate Breast Lumps. Another risk factor of Breast Lumps is the long-term use of hormone replacement therapy, HRT or ERT. HRT, which is taken at the end of menopause by women to relieve the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and other related symptoms.

The Breast Lumps Risks among Asian Women are quite high due to poor education, and poor health facilities. The poverty is also one of the major causes of the increase in number of Breast Lumps patients in Asian Women and Ethnic Groups. National Cancer Institute has designed the Breast Lumps Risk Assessment Tool for use by health professionals. The tool is successfully used to measure the invasive Breast Lumps. The Breast Lumps risk calculator is quite useful to estimate the risk of Breast Lumps by answering the questions given. The studies have shown that when the underweight and obese women are compared for the risk of Breast Lumps, the ratio is same but the obese are at higher risk of Contralateral Breast Lumpss. There is still lack of facts and figures related to ratio of Breast Lumps risk in obese and underweight women. Health is wealth, if you take care of your health you can enjoy your life to its fullest. Encourage women around you to keep themselves aware of the risk factors for Breast Lumps.


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