Breast Lump Removal - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment

Breast Lump Removal

 Breast Lumps Removal Surgery

Once a woman is diagnosed with a Breast Lumps, then comes the stage of treating it. There are four ways of treatment of Breast Lumps namely, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy. All these ways are used in combination to treat the Breast Lumps patient. The specialist decides after seeing the case of the patient what type of surgery should be done for the particular person. The stage, the size of the cancer, the age and her health are important factors that are considered before surgery.

The surgery is one of the types of treatment for the Breast Lumps Patients in which the cancer is removed from the breast through an operation. The lymph node is removed from underarm is seen under microscope for if it contains cancer or not. Breast Conserving Surgery is a type of surgery in which only the cancer is removed and not the breast itself. The Lumpectomy Surgery is used to remove the lump or tumor and a small amount of normal tissue around it. The Partial Mastectomy is a surgical procedure to remove some part of breast with some amount of normal tissue around it. Other surgical procedures include Total Mastectomy, in which the whole breast is removed that has cancer. Even after surgery, the patients are often given chemotherapy, radiations and hormone therapy in order to kill the cancer cells. The reconstruction of the breast is also done after mastectomy or in future to give a shape to the breast so that the person can live with confidence.

You can find Lumpectomy Photos of Breast Lumps Surgery at many sites so that you can have an idea of how it goes.

Side Effects Of Surgery

The patient complains of swelling, tenderness and hardness due to scar tissues that form in the surgical site. These symptoms remain for a short duration but if they persist for a longer period then the patient should see the health provider as soon as possible.

Reconstructive Surgery For Breast Lumps

Reconstructive Surgery for Breast Lumps is mostly done after Mastectomy. The purpose of reconstruction is to reshape the breast so that the patient can lead a normal life. The reconstruction has many benefits as it does not only improve the shape and appearance of the breast but also boosts the confidence of the person too. Some people confuse reconstruction with cosmetic surgery. It is wrong, as it is a part of treatment of Breast Lumps surgery. The reconstructive surgery can be delayed for sometime after mastectomy and radiation therapy. It can be with your own convenience may be either after few months, or years.

Surgery is a scary term but when there is no other way out, it is the best option to save the life of the patient. It is the safest and the best treatment for Breast Lumps. Women who cannot afford the treatment expenses can take help from different fundraisers.