what is breast cancer? - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment

what is breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Information and Overview

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a cancer of the breast tissue and it usually arises in the ducts and lobules of the breast. Breast Cancer is the most common in females and is the second most fatal cancer in women of USA after lung cancer. Breast Cancer rarely occurs in men and the Male Breast Cancer accounts for less than one percent of the total occurrence. American Cancer Society (ACS) has estimated that 1,600 men may develop breast cancer and about 400 of these male patients may die of Breast cancer in 2007 in United States.

The incidence of Breast Cancer has significantly increased since 1960 and critics blame on modern Western World Lifestyles for this. 

Older age is another factor that increases the risks of getting Breast Cancer. One out of eight women is at risk for getting Breast Cancer in lifetime.

Cancerous Breast Tumors grow very slowly and by the time they are large enough to be detected as lumps, the cancer says “no” to the treatment, as it is too late. 

The awareness of breast cancer and opportunity for proper guideline or treatment may be limited. The Breast Cancer awareness should be given special attention to reduce the increasing rate of deaths by Breast Cancers. A large population of women worldwide is totally unaware of the symptoms, signs and way of self-examination for breast cancers. Even if they are aware, they don’t share it with their family and keep on ignoring it. As a result, the cancer appears with severe symptoms after some years and result in death. 

There are some cases in which affordability to go for a mammogram is the main issue, but some fundraising programs are conducted to provide this facility to the needy women. 

The Breast Cancer Awareness Day is observed in October each year. A pink ribbon in different fabrics is the Survivor Symbol of breast cancer and is worn by the survivors, their family members and friends.

The most common types of breast cancer are Ductal Carcinoma, Lobular Carcinoma, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Medullary Carcinoma, Colloid Carcinoma, Papillary Carcinoma and Metaplastic Carcinoma. 

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer is one of the type of cancer in which the skin of the breast is involved. The IBC occurs in young women especially in thirties and twenties but unfortunately come out when they get pregnant or lactate.

Some of the symptoms of IBC includes increase in breast size, itching, change in color, nipple flattening or retraction, nipple discharge, nipples remain warm to touch, pain in the breast or lymph node in the underarm. The above symptoms are mostly common in all types of breast cancers. You can read a lot of informative articles on breast cancer at Breast CancerResearch.Com. 

You can get the latest researches on Breast Cancer. The mammograms are used for diagnosing the Breast Cancer and the method of treatments depend on the stage of the cancer. It can either be chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Spread awareness around you, may be you can save one life.


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