Young Women & Breast Cancer - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment

Young Women & Breast Cancer

 Young Women & Breast Cancer

Only some 5% of young women are at risk of breast cancer who fall in the category of women of under 40 year of age. That does not mean that women under 40 years should feel that it can’t strike them. Breast cancer can strike at any age. Every woman has her own risk factors meaning chances for a person to develop a certain disease. Every woman should be aware of her own risk factors in order to keep herself safe. If a woman has a family history in any blood relation like mother, sister or daughter, then the chances are very high and a young woman needs to be cautious too. Any woman who carries a defect in her genes if she has an evidence of a specific genes, like BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation, is at high risk of developing a breast cancer.

It is very difficult in a young woman to diagnose the breast cancer, as the tissues are dense in the younger woman than the older one. The lump cannot be felt until the cancer reaches the advance stage. The young women often ignore the symptoms of breast cancer as they think that they are too young for this disease.

The main reason of increase in breast cancer in America specially in particular races is due to the poor health facilities provided to them or simply no health insurance. In fact, if we compare the awareness of breast cancer among the three races, the African-american, native American and white American we find a huge difference. The ethnic groups need a lot of attention in this part. In British Women, over 70 years of age who suffer from breast cancer receive poor health care. The women of younger age with breast cancers are dealt with more carefully than the older one. The Breast Cancer in Native American Women is not very high as compared to American Indian women.

According to the statistics provided by the researchers, the breast cancer occurs more in Black Women and results in death. Some of the minor causes of the development of breast cancer are poverty, obesity and diet. Studies have shown that breast tumors are quite aggressive in black women. One of the major causes of breast cancer is the Gene Mutation but when poor living style combines with mutation, it turns out to be into something really big.

There are types of Breast Cancers and Inflammatory Breast Cancer is one of the type in which the skin of the breast is involved. The IBC occurs in young women especially in thirties and twenties but unfortunately comes out when they get pregnant or lactate. Some of the symptoms of IBC includes increase in breast size, itching, change in color, nipple flattening or retraction, nipple discharge, nipples remain warm to touch, pain in the breast or lymph node in the underarm. Your health is your wealth just value it.