Breast Cancer Prevention - Breast cancer: Lumps, Causes And Treatment

Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention

‘Prevention is better than cure’, a very old cliché but has a hidden secret of health in it. Prevention is not about avoiding everything that you like to do. It is about fighting against the risk factors or chances that can cause any specific disease in you. Take an example, when you know poison can kill, would you take it until you really want to die.

The breast cancer is a threatening disease in women but few prevention steps can reduce the risk factor of breast cancer.

Avoidable Risk Factors

If you are a woman and you know your family has medical history with a breast cancer, you can prevent yourself by going for regular breast examination. You can also prevent yourself by improving your lifestyle, quit smoking, quit alcohol and don’t eat diet that can cause weight gain. The Hormone Replacement Therapy if limited for short term can be a great prevention. The intake of oral contraceptive pills also increases risk factor for breast cancer so limit that too. The diet is considered as one of the risk factors of breast cancer. It is observed that populations that consume high fat diet are more prone to the disease. They take high fat diet and do not exercise or do much physical activity. The prevention through diet takes place when you start a low fat diet. Increase use of vegetables, fruits and grains may help in decreasing the risk of breast cancer. Also, change the style of cooking and make whole milk dairy products, meat and food fried at high temperatures only at occasions.

Un Avoidable Risk Factors

If you know you have a medical history of breast cancer in your family, you should be careful about it. Not only that but gene mutation or change in genes can be one of the risk factor, you cannot avoid it.

Secondary Prevention Of Breast Cancer

In the aged women, it is easier to diagnose breast cancer through mammograms.
Check your breast regularly either on your own which is called BSE the Breast Self-Examination. Do check your breasts 3-4 days after menstrual periods ends. If you are 40 plus, then a mammogram is must once a year. The earlier you detect, the effective the treatments are.

Breast Cancer Prevention Promotion Through Media

The breast cancer prevention promotions are must in the present world as the lifestyle is changing and increasing the risk factor of breast cancer. Media can play a key role in spreading breast cancer prevention awareness. In press, the magazine, the newspaper and news releases are quite important. The electronic media that includes radio and television can make special shows on breast cancer prevention.

Benefits Of Preventions

Saves you from costly treatments and emotional disturbances. It can save your life and can keep you away from this fatal disease. American Breast Cancer Prevention Foundation is striving to save women dying of breast cancer. Their mission is to detect the breast cancer at the early stage and to prevent women from having it.